Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle

Misbah Akhtar



Difficult relationships and challenging circumstances all come down to one thing: drama. In this ground-breaking book, Doreen Virtue guides you through the process of determining your Drama Quotient. You’ll discover how much stress you are unnecessarily tolerating and absorbing from other people and the situations you find yourself in.

Doreen explains the physiological reasons why you can become addicted to high-drama relationships, jobs and lifestyles, and how to heal from this cycle. You’ll come to understand why traumatic events from the past may have triggered post-traumatic symptoms, including anxiety, weight gain and addictions, and you’ll learn natural and scientifically supported methods for restoring balance to your body and your life.

Doreen shows you how to:

– Deal with relatives, friends and co-workers who are ‘hooked’? on drama
– Assess your own level of drama addiction
– Relieve stress and bring about inner peace

Go on an overall Drama Detox to clear away negativity and let your light shine through!



While usually recognized for one of her many books, or card decks, related to angels, Doreen Virtue’s latest book, “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle”, uses a blend of her personal wisdom and her formal education (she has various degrees in counseling psychology) to help people ‘break free of negativity and drama’ in their personal lives and in their relationships.

I think it is important to say that this book is not written like a psychology textbook or like a speech from the Dr.’s office, rather Doreen communicates on a heart level that makes it easy for the reader to understand the negative consequences that drama has in our lives and the consequences if we don’t deal with it. In her words, “Drama, a secondary pattern following trauma, is a form of self-sabotage and self-punishment that is highly addictive.”The premise is that when we have a traumatic experience in life, and the definition of a ‘traumatic experience’ will vary from person to person, our brain produces chemicals to help us deal with the trauma; however, if we don’t deal effectively with the experience the potential is there for us to become addicted to these chemicals. “Our brains are remarkable, ingeniously creating chemicals to insulate and protect us from pain. The trouble is, some of these brain chemicals feel so good that they become addictive.” The addiction to these chemicals then causes us to seek out other situations, forms of entertainment, relationships etc. that stress us out and give us a chemical cocktail high that will eventually cause us physical harm. This trauma-drama process, and a quick and easy questionnaire to help the reader determine their ‘drama quotient’, are all discussed in the first section of the book.

In the second section of “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle” Doreen shares numerous ways in which we can return to health and ‘regain our sparkle.’ Specifically, Doreen gives us: ways to reduce stress, information on foods that assist in the healing process, ideas on creating a healthier living environment, natural ways to deal with depression and anxiety, and some surprising information about yoga and how certain forms/types of yoga can actually hinder our health.

The third section of the book deals specifically with regaining our sparkle as we interact with others: whether it is family, friends or co-workers. With so many of the people in our society being addicted to drama we need to ensure that we are in nurturing environments, or that we develop the skills to deal with adverse relationships and not get caught up in destructive patterns.

Regardless of the level of trauma we have experienced in life, all three sections in “Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle” provide lots of useful and life-improving information. Even if the reader doesn’t feel that they have personally experienced trauma themselves, this book will help the reader gain an understanding of why somebody in their life might be behaving in a self-destructive manner. In other words, this is a powerful book because it can help the reader heal themselves or it can help the reader be more aware and empathetic to the struggles of the people around them.

If the information in this book is not sufficient for the reader, or for those wishing to get more detailed information about some of the studies mentioned by Doreen, there is an extensive bibliography provided as well.

As a closing remark, I want to restate that this book is not one of those ‘heavy’, hard-to-read, self-help books. Doreen Virtue’s uplifting writing style and her lively, sparkly personality very much shines through on these pages and it is very apparent that she is using her own challenges as a foundation for helping people overcome the trauma-drama in their lives.

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