Custom Craft For A Personalized Birthday Gift For Her

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When it comes to gifting a personal piece to your better half, you can’t go with the usual staples. You would want your gift to be as unique as she is, and watches or bracelets don’t fit into it.

No matter how hard you try, though, you’d still find yourself in an enigma whether she’d like your gift or not.

You need more perspective, no offence, please. And that is what this article should help you with. Explore the gifting ideas for her below, or pick inspiration from these and create your own personalized piece of craft.

Custom Craft For A Personalized Birthday Gift For Her

Sock Bunnies

Cute, adorable, fluffy – these are just some of the adjectives for bunnies. Every girl would love to pet a bunny. Perhaps, you can get her one. Not an actual bunny, but a stuffed one.

You’ll need a sock, some rice or cotton, a string, and some embellishments, and hot glue. First, you’ll need to fill up the sock with rice or cotton. Then cut off from the middle of the extra part. Use hot-glue to round off the raw edges. Paste embellishments to create facial features, and it’s done.

Date Jar

Ever played a zodiac chopsticks game? Well, the game itself is a great idea to create a personalized gift for her. Pick up a pickle jar and clean it up thoroughly.

You’ll need a lot of chopsticks or ice-candy sticks. Write a different date idea on each stick and wrap them up with coloured paper. Put them together in the jar and decorate the jar with ribbon or bow (if you like). Gift it to her on her birthday and wait for her to come up with a date decision for you. How romantic would it be to go on an unplanned date!

Love Journal

To express your love to her, you can indeed perform plenty of gestures. But, nothing can beat a love journal. A complete diary of each moment that you can remember enjoying with her. Perhaps, it could be your entire life (if you have been together for that long).

Put together some crafty papers and string them together. You can add more excitement to it by leaving in blanks for her to fill. For instance, you can mention a day and date, a moment you spent together, and also mention a conversion you had. Leaving in blanks for her to fill in can spark up the romance all over again and make her feel nostalgic.

String Art

Wish to keep simple yet make an effort? Well, think of creating a string art to gift her. It’s easy but takes a lot of time.

All you’d need is a motif of what you wish to create – a portrait, a scribble, or a doodle. Place pins on the board at the periphery of your art and start stringing them all together.

Sublimation Art

If string art seems complicated, there’s another simple craft idea for you. Ever heard sublimation blanks and sublimation art? Well, it is a method of transferring a print onto something.

You’ll need something you want to print on, such as a t-shirt, a mug, a tumbler, or a pillow cover. Place the sublimation paper over the surface you wish to print and heat press over it. The heat should help transfer the print onto the surface. And voila! You have your own custom prints gift that she’d always keep with her.

Handwritten Recipe Board

You know that she loves cooking and baking, so why not gift her something to boost her morale. You can gift her a recipe board that she can cut or chop her veggies on.

All you need is a chopping board, a scraping tool, and her favourite recipe. Try to scrape off the wood as close to your handwriting as possible. Once done, finish the board off with a coat of resin, and it’s done! She’ll surely think of you whenever she’ll take on her cooking chores.

Cork Pinboard

Though the idea is not new, it is still worth mentioning. You know you’d leave personal notes to her every day before leaving for work, and just to keep it from losing, why not put it over a pinboard?

You don’t even need to get one from the market. Just gather some old wine corks and arrange them together in whichever shape you like. Hot glue them together and string them around to hang on the wall. Now, you can pin your photos on it, dinner notes, and even bills to pay.

Scented Candles

Want her to have a soothing and relaxing evening? Gifting her a couple of scented candles could help. And you can make them at home.

All you need is some hot wax, essential oils, a wick, a jar, and some food colours. Mix the wax, essential oils, and food colour together. You don’t even need to maintain consistency. Place the wick inside the jar, and pour the mix over it. She’d surely love the thoughtfulness in your gift.

Milestones Of Love

Last but not least is a board with significant milestones of your love life. The idea might sound confusing, but it isn’t in reality. Try to recall all your life how you met, on what date you proposed to her (or she proposed to you), the date you got married or engaged or moved in together, if you have kids, you can mention that too. The list can go on.

All you need is a soft board to create this timeline on. You can even include photographic memories of the day or the moments around it. Indeed, this should keep her wondering and remembering how wonderful you two have been together all these years.

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When it comes to gifting her something that she could connect with you, it is better to keep it personal. The more your gift reminds her of the efforts you’ve put in, the more she’ll fall in love with you. And that’s all you want in the end. Hopefully, the gift ideas mentioned above have inspired you and given you a perspective to follow.

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