Creative Ways to Preserve Memories of Your Children Growing Up

Children Growing Up

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Kids grow up so fast, and it’s all you can do to try and capture some memories before it’s too late. If you want to have some keepsakes to look back on when they’re too old to want to give you a hug anymore, there are lots of fun ways that you can get creative. You can preserve memories of them growing up in many different ways, both traditional and more technological. You might not be able to stop them growing up, but you can make sure you always have something to help you remember their childhood. These creative ideas will give you somewhere to get started, and there are lots more projects out there you can try.


Sometimes, nothing beats an old-fashioned scrapbook. There’s something about the cutting and sticking that’s very soothing. And it’s much more fun to look through an album of memories on paper than it is to do it on the computer. There are all kinds of things you can put in a scrapbook, and you can decorate it too. Print your favourite photos as the kids grow up, and include other special items too. You could stick in an invitation to their christening, tickets to their first school play and even artwork they’ve made for you.

Kids Hand and Foot Prints

In ten years’ time, you’ll tear up looking at the tiny hand and footprints that you made when your children were small. Toddlers and older children love getting messy creating their prints, but you can do it with babies too. Either buy a plaster kit, so you can take some neat impressions or make some prints with non-toxic paint. It’s best to do it while your baby is asleep, so they don’t wriggle around and smudge it.

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Keepsake Boxes

If you want to keep some memories of your little one’s milestones, you could do so with keepsake boxes. You could either make them yourself or you could buy a beautiful set, like the ones in the East of India gifts range. You can have boxes for their first tooth and curl, and perhaps one from their name bracelet from the hospital. There are other things you could put in a keepsake box too, from their first baby grow to their dummy or rattle.

Charm Bracelets

For those mums who would prefer something they can wear, you can make a charm bracelet. You might think about making one with photos, but if that’s not classy enough for you, don’t worry. Choose your favourite jewellery maker that sells bracelets you can add to (such as Pandora) and add a new one for significant events in your baby’s life. Each charm will have an important meaning, even if it doesn’t directly represent something. Try to limit when you buy a charm though, or you could end up with a few too many.
Creating memories of your children growing up is tonnes of fun, and you’ll be glad you did it later. A few years from now, you’ll love looking back at all the memories you made.

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