Create Wealth in ALL aspects of YOUR Life

What does ‘Wealth’ mean to you? How do you define ‘Wealth’? Until a couple of years ago, I associated wealth with money. As long as I had money, I had wealth. But what I’ve learnt since then is that we are meant to have ‘Wealth in ALL aspects of our lives’ and not only when it comes to finances and bank balances. With that I mean have wealth in other areas of our lives like: good health, good career / business, good relationships and so on.

I am wealthy and abundant in all aspects of my life; I got an amazing daughter, we live in a gorgeous maisonette on the countryside surrounded by a river, a canal, green field and lots of beautiful nature, my health is good (need to work a bit more on it), my business are thriving, I am in a position to help others and more. Why not check out ‘101 things I am grateful for‘?

The secret to having a wealthy and abundant life is GRATITUDE. Be grateful for everything you have and are. I love ‘The Abundance Loop‘ below by Juliana Park. “It is only by first appreciating our own worth that we experience true wealth – from the inside out.” she says which I completely agree with.
Since September 2015 until mid-February 2016, I made it my mission to educate myself on Wealth, Abundance, Finances and Budgeting. It all started with reading Kate Northrup’s ‘Money A Love Story’, then doing Ann Wilson’s 30-day Money Makeover Challenge, read Ann Wilson’s book ‘The Wealth Chef’Kate Northrup’s 21-day Money Love Challenge and lastly, I attended Dr Joanna Martin’s Wealth Seminar. During these 6 months I kept a Wealth Journal where I till date write down best advice, tips on wealth I can resonate with and I stick in images of positive quotes around wealth and abundance. At the back of the book I have kept 24 pages free; 12 pages (1 for each month) where I write down my income and expenses for each passing month and the other 12 pages (again, 1 for each month) for every gift I receive – it reminds me to be aware,  appreciate and show gratitude for every abundant blessing that comes my way – every day.
“A wealthy mindset is the foundation of all wealth.”
I love the video below on ‘Money Matters’ by Sonia Choquette. Do watch it and share thoughts in the comments.
It’s not about running after money and stressing about it, but more about practicing on becoming a better receiver. Start noticing and appreciating all those good things that are already coming in to your life. What have you received today that was a blessing that you did not expect? We receive abundance all the times, it’s just that we are not aware of it. Take time to notice all the small things happening in your life on a daily basis and say THANK YOU – A LOT!
Say THANK YOU to anything / anyone that brings goodness to you. The more goodness you receive the more it amplifies!

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