Clear Home, Clear Heart

Kiran Singh

Clear Home, Clear Heart

We’re all far more influenced than we realize by the invisible vibrations of the people and places around us. Your experiences and the emotions of others can be stored in your energy field, and lingering blockages can prevent you from moving forward with your life purpose. Noted feng shui and energy expert Jean Haner teaches readers how to use energy clearing to harness their personal power, release emotional baggage and cleanse blocked energies. You’ll also learn how residue from others’ emotions, geopathic stress and technology can affect you and your environment, then use a pendulum and dowsing rod to bring balance to the energy of the spaces you inhabit.

Healers, intuitives, energy workers, highly sensitive people and anyone who just wants to optimize the energy around them and live their best lives will find this book to be an elegant training for how to clear people and places. Energy clearing will help all aspects of your life: you can move forward in your career, break free of old personal patterns, heal or improve relationships, reduce stress and learn to love and accept yourself and achieve the joyful and authentic life you deserve. Get your copy here.


WOW. I am not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. I had not known anything about the author prior to reading this. So I was pleasantly surprised this wasn’t another “grab some sage and let’s go” clearings. I plan on completely the house clearing this week, as I have been working personal clearings on my husband. What a fascinating thing to include in my Reiki work. I recommend getting a pendulum and dowsing rods prior to reading to make things more fun (you can play around with it while you read then).

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