Cheating Partner? This is How a Private Investigator Could Help

Misbah Akhtar

When someone suspects their spouse of cheating, they typically have some evidence that cheating is possible but they don’t know for sure. They may want to get more concrete evidence before filing for divorce, especially if it could make a difference in the divorce. In these cases, it might be a good idea to work with a private investigator, as there’s a lot they can do to find out if the spouse is cheating.

Cheating Partner

Get Photos or Videos of Cheating

A private investigator can conduct surveillance during their investigations into the cheating spouse. This means they’ll follow the spouse to see if they’re going to someone else’s home when they’re supposed to be at work or if they’re meeting someone late at night. When the investigator does find something that could show the spouse is cheating, they can get photos or videos to show their client.

Search on Social Media

Private investigators may search on social media to get more evidence of the cheating. They may check for hidden profiles created by the spouse or look for profiles of the person the spouse is cheating with. This person may have photos, videos, or other information on their social media pages that are publically viewable that could provide insight as to what is happening.

Research Unusual Phone Numbers

If the client discovers phone numbers they don’t recognize on their spouse’s phone, they can give this information to the private investigator. The private investigator can then research who the phone number belongs to and get information on who the spouse may be texting or calling. This could allow the private investigator to find out not only whether the spouse is cheating but who they might be cheating with.

Check Browser History for Information

It’s possible for the private investigator to check the browser history for the spouse if they get access to the spouse’s computer. For instance, if the spouse is logged on to a family computer, the client may be able to let the private investigator check out the browser history to see if there is anything that could provide the spouse is cheating. This can help the private investigator learn what social media sites to check, help them gather more information on the spouse, or help them figure out where the spouse is going so they can conduct surveillance.

Provide Testimony During the Divorce

Once the private investigator has finished their investigation, they will give this information to their client. If they did find evidence that the spouse was cheating, the client may decide they want to get a divorce. In these cases, the private investigator may then provide their testimony during the divorce case. This information may help the client get a divorce or get a more favourable settlement because the cheating can be proven in court. The evidence used depends on what was found during the investigation and can be incredibly helpful in places where at-fault divorces are allowed.

If you believe your spouse could be cheating, make sure you get the information you need to figure out how you want to move forward. Speak with a private investigator today to learn more about everything they can do to help and to start working with them to get the information you might need. They can help you figure out what’s actually going on.

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