Change Your Attitude: 3 tips mums can start using right now!

Kiran Singh

All the things that you have been through, all the people you have met and interacted with can have an impact on your attitude. If you think that all these factors have moulded you into a person with a poor attitude towards life, there is no need to worry as there is always an opportunity for change. Let me share with you how I did it.

Change Your Attitude

3 Simple Things That Can Help Change Your Attitude

1. Practice small actions, every day.

Be kinder to yourself.  Don’t knock yourself back.  We often see success as the end result – the end product.  But start looking at the journey that gets you there too. Perhaps you managed to get out of the house on time, or your baby slept soundly for his morning nap.  Give yourself a break.  Small action triggers big change.

2. Just say Yes

We all try and say No to invites or activities we might not want to do. But try saying Yes more.   Look for the opposite positive in what you want to achieve.  Yes you will meet some friends for lunch, yes you will allow yourself to wallow in a bubbly bath, yes you will nourish your body with healthy food.  Try it.  Now.

3.  Watch for triggers

Learn to listen to your body and mind. And your offspring.  Tune into what will make you stressed, tired, hungry.  Does skipping a meal save you time but triggers a migraine?    Does your baby really need a bath every night…can you pace yourself and simply enjoy a cuddle together.

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