Champagne Christmas on a Lemonade Budget

Christmas budget

The trend for vintage and pre-loved items is still vogue.  From 50’s fashion to 80’s fluorescents, a bit of original is highly valued.  Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Christmas, which ran on Channel 4 last winter, has rocketed the popularity of the ‘home made chic’ look.

Her Money Matters helps you optimize the money you do have, without making you feel depressed and poor.  We have some great ideas from presents to make your loved ones feel truly loved, to beautiful decorations.  Feast on these five tips for a champagne style Christmas on a lemonade budget.

  1. Great for an older friend or relative, go to your the local library of the person you are making this present for, find history book of the area with images.  Photocopy the pictures and create a beautiful montage.  Pic up a low cost picture frame from your local charity shop and frame the montage.
  2. For a stunning ‘vintage look’ decorated home, hoard some old magazines, or grab a supermarket free magazine (after you have read them) then cut into strips about 1 inch x 5 inches, with a tube of prit stick to stick rings together interlocking, creating your own paper chain. Honestly these look better than any shop bought version.
  3. A themed basket.  Choose your theme this could be knitting, movies, relaxing, baking. Beautifully present inexpensive items that complement each other.  For example a relaxing basket for a busy mum; A magazine or book with a bath treat, a chocolate, maybe an nice emery board, a nail varnish.
  4. If you can sow, then using up old fabrics (be creative, old cut up clothing, quilt covers you no longer want, or grab the cheapest items in your local charity shop) and create a snuggling patchwork quilt.  Buy the wadding which is very low cost and get sowing.  Use up old button for decorations too.
  5. Great Christmas tree decorations.  Slice up a couple of oranges lay them on a baking tray and slowly cook on a low heat about an hour, then pop on a cooling tray.  Use twining or old fashioned string to create a loop and hang on your tree.
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