How to Care for Your Own Aging Parents as a Single Mom

Misbah Akhtar

If you’re a single parent, you will already have enough work on your plate caring for your own children, so it’s sometimes not possible to visit your parents as often as you’d like. This isn’t a problem, though, as there are many other things you can do to ensure they are well looked after. If you feel guilty about not being able to visit as much, consider the following to give them the help they need without you being there as often as you’d like.

Single Mom - Aging Parents

Let Your Parents Know You are There If They Need Anything

Above we stated you can’t always look after your parents, but what you can do is let them know you are around if they need anything. You may already have siblings or someone that visits them regularly, but there’s nothing wrong with picking up the phone to give them a call a couple of times a week. This will at least show them you are thinking of them and they know they can call on you in emergencies.

Invest in Products to Help Your Parents Around the House

This isn’t always an affordable option for some single parents, but there are many affordable products on the market that you can buy to make your parent’s lives easier at home. You can invest in food preparation boards to help them open cans and tins, and you can even look at to invest in an overbed table system that will give them a host of features when they are sitting down. Investing in such products gives your parents more chance to be independent and it also means you don’t have to worry all the time.

Have a Family Discussion

If the needs of your parents are increasing and they are becoming less independent, it’s time to have a sit down with your sibling who you don’t get on with. It’s time to put your differences aside for a moment because now it’s about your parents.

You can’t always be around for your parents but what you can do is discuss several options that can put you and your siblings to work. Come up with a plan so your parents have regular contact throughout the week – there will always be a few hours you can spare throughout the week, even on a Sunday morning.

Care for Your Parents by Caring for Yourself

It sounds selfish, but it’s true. The only way you can truly look after your parents is if you look after yourself first. Make sure you’re financially stable so you can invest in products that can help them do more around the house. Or, if the finances are there, pay for home care services to knock on the door a few times a week to see if everything is okay.

There is only so much you can do for your parents when you’re not physically there, but even phone contact can help them mentally, so always ensure you make the effort to get in contact with them regularly, even if it’s for five minutes.

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