Canal Toys Craze Sensations ASMR fun for everyone

Misbah Akhtar

Canal Toys announces the new brand of compound based products, Craze Sensations. A fabulous new collectable ASMR range that taps into the sensory trend.  Open and discover a world of sounds and textures! Mix the decorations with the special compound to create unique satisfying sensations.

Craze Sensations Compound Kit 4 Pack Assortment

Craze Sensations Four Pack Compound Kit – RRP £9.99

Inside each of the 4 pots, there’s a new sensation to enjoy. Open the pot, discover the exciting compound and then mix it with the textured decorations and let the fun begin! Listen and feel that AMSR satisfying sound as you squish, smoosh or crunch the decorations together with the unique Craze Sensations compound.

Craze Sensations Compound Kit 4 Pack Assortment

Craze Sensations Single Pack Compound Kit – RRP £2.99

If you want to explore the fun of ASMR the Craze Sensations Single Pack is perfect. Open the lid to discover one of 12 different styles to collect, mix the compound and the decoration together and enjoy the satisfying feeling of the two textures combining, Craze Sensations can also be used as a replacement for those who need a fiddle toy.

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