You Can Never Go Wrong with Breakfast Favourites for Dinner

We are told from childhood on that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. This is where we literally break our overnight fast and why the meal became known as break-fast, breakfast. However, few people in today’s busy world actually have the time to eat a healthy breakfast which often leaves us craving those breakfast favourites we simply never have time to cook and eat.

Why not eat breakfast for dinner one or two nights a week to satisfy those cravings for bacon and eggs or ham, egg and cheese casseroles like you’ll find recipes for on the Pocket Change Gourmet website? Here are some ideas on how you can eat breakfast at dinner without feeling like you’ve done away with your evening meal, leaving you hungry later when you know you shouldn’t eat.

Crepes Are the Best of Both Worlds

Leave it to the French to find gourmet ways to serve an ordinary crepe. The only difference between crepes and pancakes is the amount of oil and eggs used in the batter, crepes having more of both. Spread out thinly on the pan, crepes can be cooked to perfection in moments and then filled and rolled with any number of delicious foods.

Have you ever tried the chicken and asparagus crepes topped with béchamel sauce? Simply use chicken breast left over from another meal, sliced into strips. Place them in the centre of the crepe with asparagus tips, roll them up, and top the entire crepe with freshly made béchamel sauce. This is a delectable way to serve breakfast crepes with dinner meats, satisfying both ‘tastes’ at the very same time.

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Quiche – Any way You Like It!

For just a moment, keep that béchamel sauce handy. The next time you crave eggs but it’s late in the day, why not pop quiche in the oven? Quiche is perhaps one of the very easiest gourmet dishes to make and topped with béchamel sauce, it’s a feast made in heaven. You can buy pie crusts in the frozen section of your local supermarket which saves time and labour, something you aren’t ready to give at this late time of the day.

Simply place your eggs in the blender with a touch of heavy cream or half and half and blend them until light and fluffy. Pour this mixture into the pie crust, add whatever fillings strike your fancy at that moment, bake at 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and one hour later you’ll have breakfast for dinner with little fuss or muss. Some people use chopped ham, bacon or sausage with any type of cheese whatsoever. Don’t like meat? Chopped veggies will do just fine.

From egg casseroles to crepes to quiche, you can satisfy both dinner and breakfast urges in a single meal with little effort. When you think of breakfast, what comes to mind? Most people start their list with eggs. The one ingredient you will always want to have on hand is eggs but after that, the sky is the limit. While you will still need more nutritious foods in the morning, at least by eating breakfast at dinner you can satisfy those cravings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating your way through the day in reverse. Next time you want eggs for dinner? Go for it! It’s perfectly okay.

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