Buying Shaving Gifts for Your Husband

Kiran Singh

Whether it’s for Valentine’s day, a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, shaving gifts make an excellent choice for anyone who is unsure of what to buy their significant other. They aren’t just practical gifts, they are also a great way of introducing a little luxury into their lives. Here is a breakdown of the best shaving gifts and what you need to know about each.

Fancy Razors

A premium razor is a joy to use as they are much smoother and gentler on the skin than the cheaper options. This means that not only do they feel more comfortable to use, they also greatly reduce the rates of rashes and skin irritations which can often occur with cheap razors. An expensive razor will also have a considerably longer lifespan, reducing the need to buy a replacement so frequently. There are different kinds of razors out there, so it will help to know what you’re looking at.

A cartridge razor is one of the most common types and these are regularly used as beginner razors when men first begin shaving. The heads of these razors are replaceable, and after a relatively short time, they will need to be switched out. Higher quality razors will last longer, so look for one more luxurious than the common plastic handled versions.

Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers are specialized electric razors which, as the name suggests, are designed for performing relatively small trims of the beard. When you are choosing a beard trimmer, look out for established brands and be sure to check online reviews. Also look for a model with replaceable parts as this will extend its lifespan considerably. You can find replacement parts by searching online, for example, ‘philips g370 replacement parts’.


Aftershave is another fantastic way of introducing some luxury into your significant other’s life. Many people think of aftershave as being like the male version of perfume, although aftershave, in fact, performs a number of other important functions. For example, aftershave is used to soothe and disinfect the skin after shaving, which causes microscopic damage to the skin.

The cheapest aftershaves will not perform very well as either a disinfectant or soothing properties, so be sure that any aftershave you look for as a gift is able to perform both of these roles. The product description should tell you clearly how well it performs in both these regards.

Gift Sets

The advantage of buying a gift set is that it will often contain more than one of the above items, in fact, gift sets are usually complete kits with all the items within being from the same manufacturer. By selecting a well known and luxurious brand you can get the best of all worlds, and often at a reduced price compared to buying them individually.

Buying gifts can be challenging, especially when your usual go-to gift ideas are no good. If you’re looking for a present for a husband or a boyfriend, then you should consider the various shaving gifts available. Shaving gifts are both practical and luxurious.

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