How to Build a ‘Healthy Home’

How to obtain a healthy household is more spoken about than to create a healthy house; yet, by improving your home’s environment, you can greatly improve the well-being of your family. If you’re eating your five-a-day, but living in a poorly ventilated room, how can those extra portions of vegetables and fruit transform you into a healthier human being?

A healthy home needs to be healthy, inside and out. You should also note that if you have some serious issues, then it may be costly to fix; however, is there really a price tag on leading a healthier lifestyle? Your family’s health and wellness should be your number one priority; create a healthy home with the below tips.

Check for Damp

Damp is caused by poor ventilation. Although damp is unsightly and easy to spot, it can go unnoticed. You should regularly check your home: pull out furniture neatly pushed against the wall, as with nothing in the way, damp is incredibly easy to notice.

One of the most common tell-tale signs are tide-like marks left on the walls. These markings are caused by either evaporation from the ground (rising damp), structural problems, internal leaks, or poor ventilation. Damp is, essentially, moisture and water being in places it shouldn’t be.

Damp can, however, provide health issues such as respiratory problems, eczema, and fever and vomiting. Although getting rid of damp can be costly, is it worth leaving it untreated if it causes such health-related problems? If you find damp residing in your home, make sure to call a professional.

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Impure Water

Health experts commonly recommend drinking eight 8-ounce glasses a day, which equals roughly to 2 litres. However, if the water running out of your taps isn’t fresh, and instead, contaminated, then the 2 litres wouldn’t equate to much benefit. You’re probably thinking, well, I think I’d know whether my water was contaminated; however, this isn’t always the case. The Flint water crisis in Michigan, found that over 100,000 residents were exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water; with many of them unaware of the issue for many years.

Contaminated water is usually cloudy, smells of chlorine, orangey-brown in colour, and leaves an oily film on standing water. Although these signs seem obvious, the Flint case proves otherwise.

To ensure your water is safe from contamination, you can always purchase an effective home water purification system from companies like

Vegetable Patch

Foods from supermarkets are usually grown unnaturally, with the help of pesticides, and are, therefore, an unhealthy alternative to eating completely natural and organic produce grown in your own backyard. Although most people won’t limit themselves to the vegetables and fruit they can grow in their back gardens, growing a few varieties of your own produce could greatly improve the health of your family. Allowing your children to have an input on what you’re going to grow and have them look after the vegetables and fruits, and can also show and teach them about responsibility, as well as the importance of a healthy diet. Vegetable patches aren’t difficult to build, and there are many DIY tutorials online.

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A happy and healthy household (and home), is the wish of many people. Make sure to keep your house fresh, clean and well-maintained so you and your family can lead a fulfilling and vigorous lifestyle.

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