Best Toys to Give Your Child This Christmas

Misbah Akhtar

It is Christmas time again, and your kids are excited. It is the time of the year they are receiving lots of toys and gifts. Over the years, you already have given a lot of toys to them. If you are running out of ideas on the best kids toys, here are some options for you.

Toys to Give Your Child This Christmas

Water gun

These are great toys that kids will love. They might be guns, but they are safe since they only use water. Make sure that you buy just the small water guns that squirt a minimal amount of water. Kids love playing outdoors even during the cold weather. Therefore, water guns are a perfect gift. Also if they play inside the bathroom, they will still enjoy water guns.

Educational toys

Christmas is the time when you and your kids are at home. You have no work to think about, and kids are also not going to school. It does not mean that learning needs to stop. You can still let them learn through educational toys. Board games, puzzles, trivia games, and many others are among the best toys for kids to enjoy and learn something new at the same time.

Surprise eggs

Christmas is also about surprises. You can increase the level of excitement by giving this toy. As they unwrap their gift, they will only see an egg. Therefore, they need to open the egg to know their actual gift finally. The excitement that comes with this type of gift will make them beyond ecstatic. You also don’t know what they are receiving, so it makes you excited too.

Cube puzzle

It is one of the most challenging problems to solve. You might not even know how to explain it even if you are already an adult. It takes analysis and critical thinking to solve this puzzle. It is best to introduce it to your kids instead of letting them play for hours with their smartphones. If the cube puzzle is too advanced, why not get them a traditional jigsaw puzzle? To make it extra special, you can customise the puzzles by uploading your own image.


These toys are cute and comfortable for children. The most exciting part is blowing it up to see what type of toy it will become. Kids don’t know what they are getting upon receiving the gift. They need to work hard before they can start playing with this toy. It is a good idea since you are not only handing them the present on a platter. You are making them work hard before they can start enjoying it. It teaches them a valuable life lesson.

Science kits

Some toys teach them scientific concepts. You can give these toys to them as they are also fun. These kits will even help them prepare for school. There are different difficulty levels depending on their age. Find one that suits them best.

These are just some of the exciting toys you can give your kids this Christmas. Online stores are offering these toys at an affordable cost.

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