The best gifts you can get for the men in your life in 2018

Whether it’s your dad’s birthday coming up or you just fancy spoiling your boyfriend, we’ve found the best gifts you can get them in 2018. This is a great guide for those of you who are stuck on ideas. So, give it a read and find the perfect present to gift the men in your life.

We hope this helps you find a great gift for him.

Body wash sets

There are tons of body wash sets that your man will love to indulge themselves with. Sets can range from super-pricey (£80+) to fairly priced (£10+). Due to this, keep in mind that the most expensive body wash isn’t always worth the price tag.

Go more for the smell of the body wash and make sure if the man your buying for has sensitive skin, to keep this in mind.

If you’re still stuck on which set to go for, this body wash review on should supply you with plenty of options.


Straight razors

Straight razors are scary. There’s no doubt about that. However, why not purchase one for your bearded friend? It’ll encourage them to get over the common fear of holding an extremely sharp razor to their throats. Okay, so we never said it was an irrational fear.

As long as they’re responsible, you won’t turn up to a horror scene when you pop over! Remember, this isn’t Sweeny Todd.

You can also check out this straight razor buying guide to make you feel at ease that you’ve bought them one that’s of high quality. And if they’re too worried to actually use your gift, at least they’ll feel like they’ve travelled back to the 1740’s.

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Trust us when we say, they’ll feel like a super trendy, old-fashioned gentleman. When they pick up the courage to trim their beard with your gift, they’ll be boasting about how badass they are for a long time!

On second thoughts – maybe a straight razor isn’t for everyone…



Look, it’s 2018 I think we can all get over the notion that candles are a gift for women only. And if you can’t, then you need to re-evaluate your opinions because you’re missing out greatly. Candles and a nice bubble bath are the perfect way to relax – yes, even as a man.

In conclusion, candles are a for anyone. So, go ahead and treat the men in your life to a lovely smelling candle. They’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Not to mention, as simple as a candle is, it’s actually a rather thoughtful gift. Especially if you run them a hot bath on their special day, and light the candle ready for them to spend time chilling out.


What are the best gifts you’ve received?

Let us know your favourite gifts that you’ve been given in the past. Perhaps you’ve given the best gift to your father on his birthday before, tell us all about it.

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