Beautiful First Impressions – 7 Tips To Make Your Kitchen More Stylish

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Your kitchen is your personal space. It holds a lot of importance not only for you but for all your family members as well. This is where you guys get together for several of your meals throughout the day. This is where all the chit-chat happens and the stories get exchanged. It is time to give this beautiful spot a unique makeover. It is time to make sure that every time you enter your kitchen, it takes your breath away a little. Let’s begin with a few basics:


  1. Do Not Follow The Trends

The first thing that you could do with your kitchen so that it gives the best first impression is to completely avoid the trends that are going around in the market. Your kitchen is your personal space. It should be about your personality and what you like and love. Whether it is your best friend or your close relative, or even your mother, do not go with what they have done with their kitchen. Don’t read any design magazines or interior decor blogs that they follow. Make your kitchen about your choices and your comfort.


  1. It Is Time To Get Floored

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen is a big responsibility. Wooden floors are a big hit regardless of the size of your kitchen or the overall decor of your house. Likewise, several homeowners have started investing in marble and stone variants that are not only beautiful to look at but quite affordable as well. They give your kitchen a very classy and elegant look without breaking the bank. It is entirely upon you whether you go with matte tiles or ceramic ones to beautify your kitchen. Some owners also like to place their flooring diagonally for a more unique look and feel.


  1. Light It Up Nicely

People often tend to take the lighting of their kitchen for granted. They think that putting up a CFL in the middle of the ceiling is going to be enough. You think that too every time you enter your kitchen. This should not be your attitude. You must establish a visual hierarchy of light fixtures in your kitchen just like you have in your living room. You can also install 4 point lighting in the four corners of your kitchen for a mesmerizing effect. If you can make space for a skylight in your kitchen, nothing is going to beat that. Remember to always put up a light fixture over your kitchen island whether you use a light source in any other spot or not.


  1. Invest In Textures

If you thought that your kitchen slabs and countertops are going to look good only with silicone mats and plastic coasters, you were wrong. Your kitchen can be given a very different and cozy look if you invest in the right fabrics and upholstery. That’s right because the most beautiful curtains and tablecloths for your little center table can do wonders for your kitchen. If you are thinking about investing in a set of beautiful linen tea towels and a matching coffee mug set, go right ahead. Think long-term because these textures are going to become the personality of your cooking space. If you have anything made of wood or recycled wood chips, these fabrics and textures are going to look super cute when you combine them with their warm tones.


  1. Invite Greenery Inside

You have always wanted a few tiny plants in your home. What better spot in your house than your kitchen to welcome greenery inside? You can even have a mini garden inside your kitchen where you can plant several herbs such as mint, coriander, parsley, basil, and the like. This is going to be one of the most fun ideas and if you can work them inside your kitchen, you are going to love yourself for it. Greenery also adds a lot of character to your kitchen in addition to bringing a lot of positivity. So, the next time you are in the neighborhood nursery, do not forget to pick tiny plants for your kitchen.


  1. Choose Your Kitchen Hardware Wisely

If you are looking at long-term changes to your kitchen, it is always advised to go for hardware that is going to stand the test of time. Go for quality instead of affordability. Make sure not to add anything cheap to your kitchen, especially when it comes to sinks, faucets, taps, and cabinets, drainage, and even those spice pots. You will have to learn where to splurge and where to save. Even when you are choosing your culinary tools, it is important to invest in the best out there rather than going for affordable knives, spoons, spatulas, woks, and other cutlery.


  1. The Color Matters

The color scheme and the paint combinations of your kitchen are going to matter a lot. For the most part, you will not see any average quality paint jobs in a luxurious kitchen. You will see the most elegant and classy wallpapers that go fantastically well with the cabinetry. You can always go for an ethereal cream wall color with stark dark blue cabinets for a completely regal look. If you want to add something even more striking, you can combine the same wall paint with lipstick-red color cabinetry and beautiful green plants in the corners of your countertops. Make sure to add a lot of contrast to your kitchen interiors by investing in dark-colored spatulas and ladles. This can be complemented with bar-style stools available in various colors these days.


Be More Realistic With Your Kitchen Design

At the end of the day, it is alright to splurge a little but you have to be realistic with your budget. You should always look for inspiration in anything that you come across whether it is on TV or in a magazine. Always try to come up with your own style by picking a few ideas from them because imitating those setups till the last detail might not be possible for everyone. Let’s begin redesigning your kitchen today.


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