Beating Insomnia As A Busy Mom- 5 Tricks That Work

Misbah Akhtar

Busy moms have a lot to do, and they often lose sleep over stress and workload. If you juggle home, work, and childcare, you will probably know insomnia better than anyone else. The worst you can do is to overlook the early signs of the condition. A couple of sleepless nights every week can aggravate full-blown insomnia before you imagine. Moreover, it can take a toll on physical and mental well-being if you do not handle it on time. Thankfully, there are ways to beat insomnia without depending on sleeping pills. Here are some tricks that work.

Create a sleep routine

The best way to sleep better is to have a routine. Creating a sleep-wake schedule sounds daunting if you are a time-pressed parent, but it is doable. Align with the sleep timings of your kids and you are good to go. Avoid unnecessary outings and stick with the bedtime routine, no matter how challenging it gets. You will eventually get into the habit of sleeping and waking at the right times.

Get your kids and partner to work

If workload deprives you of sleep, get some help from your kids and partner. Delegate duties at home, and you will be able to finish the tasks and hit the bed on time. For example, your kids can do the dishes at night, and your partner can help with cleaning the kitchen. You can utilize the time to make preparations for the morning. It will keep you stress-free, and you will end up sleeping better.


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Look for a natural sleeping aid

It is tempting to pop a sleeping pill every night, but you may get habitual sooner than you imagine. A natural sleeping aid like cannabis can help because it is effective and has no side effects. A vaping session at bedtime sets you up for a restful night. You can explore Mind Vapes’s Sale Page to check a wide range of dab pens and vape pens. Pick a cannabis strain that induces sound sleep, and insomnia will no longer be a concern.

Meditate at bedtime

Apart from a vape session, meditation at bedtime can go a long way in curbing insomnia. Set aside fifteen minutes for deep breathing and meditation every evening. The exercise clears away stress and negativity and relaxes your body and mind. You will feel much lighter and calmer at the end of the session. Reading has therapeutic benefits too. Avoid screen time at night because it can interfere with your sleeping patterns.

Don’t chase perfection

Busy moms tend to lose sleep in pursuit of perfection, so it is one habit you must ditch. Forget about doing things perfectly at home and work because it is an impossible feat. The perfection mindset will only stress you out and deprive you of good sleep. Accept that you are a human being and let go of things. Leaving the dishes in the sink will not harm anyone, so let it happen when you cannot handle it.

Insomnia is manageable with the right mindset and a proactive approach. Prioritize good sleep, and life will be better for you and everyone around.


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