Babyproofing Your Home: Important Safety measures Every Parent Should Take

Misbah Akhtar

Your home could have several potential hazards for your child. However, you can keep your kids safe by finding all the risks and removing them one by one. But, this is easier said than done. As your child grows, they start climbing and open things that they are not supposed to. Consequently, they can harm themselves and can cause severe damage to their health. Therefore, when you have a child at home, you need to make sure that your home gives them a safe and secure environment. Below you’ll find some of the most important steps you can take in babyproofing your home.

● Keep Medicines in Child-Resistant Packs

If you are storing your medicines in your bedroom or bathroom cabinet where your kid can easily find them, make sure you keep them in a child-resistant (CR) pack. It’s because kids are curious by nature, and if you are openly storing your medicines in a cabinet drawer, they can easily find them and even eat them in your absence. On the other hand, if you start keeping your medication in child-resistant packaging, your kids won’t be able to open them. As a result, you are giving your child a safe and secure environment in the home. And to yourself, fewer reasons to worry about the safety of your kids when you are away from home.

● Safety from Tip-Prone Furniture

When your baby is learning to walk, soon you’ll find that they are not just walking around but also trying to climb over furniture. And if you are not careful, this can cause your child to tip over and cause severe injuries. Hence, to make sure your kids don’t hurt themselves, start by going through every piece of furniture in your home, not just bedrooms and furniture. Be sure to check TV stands as they are super dangerous, and parents often hide items there which can be tempting for the young ones. Don’t think if a piece of furniture is large and heavy, and it can not tip over. Use furniture anchors to make furniture stick to their place until or unless you want to move them.


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● Bath Time Precautions

Thanks to parenting classes, every parent knows that you need to take special care of your toddlers when bathing them. Bathing a toddler requires your complete attention, but we often begin to ease up once our kids start getting more prominent. It may seem okay to quickly come out of the bathroom to check on a younger sibling or grab a towel. However, this is your friendly reminder to ask your children to stop doing that. Fall and slip injuries in the bath cause over 40,000 emergency hospital visits every year. Children tend to fall and, as a result, suffer head injuries all the time! And these falls are less likely to happen if you keep watch over your kids during their bathing time. This small step will significantly decrease the chances of your kids getting hurt.


In the End

Parents have to make sure that their kids are safe at home whenever they are not around. However, to make that possible, you need to take some essential precautions that ensure their safety. Make sure you apply the precautions mentioned above and keep your kids safe.






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