Amazing Time-Saving Christmas Hacks For Busy Women

Misbah Akhtar

Time-Saving Christmas


When you are a working woman, life can be harsh. Trying to find the time to organize Christmas whilst still running a business is a nightmare. The last thing you want is to stress and worry, yet somehow you can’t seem to help it. One of the main problems with the holidays, is the role that people expect women to play. People think women should be a cook, Santa Claus, an interior designer and a party planner all rolled into one. You don’t have time for all that, and that is okay. Instead, make Christmas easy for yourself. Here are some incredible time-saving hacks that will help.

Book a restaurant for Christmas dinner

Who says that you have to cook a three-course dinner for your entire family? Shouldn’t you get a day off as well? Instead of spending Christmas day working in the kitchen, enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant. There is a growing trend of people deciding to eat out on Christmas day. If you want to get a reservation, you need to make sure that you act fast before places book up.

Buy gift certificates online

If you don’t have time to go Christmas shopping, online shopping is a genuine lifesaver. Of course, if you start shopping right now, you have no guarantee that you will get all your presents on time. Instead, why not consider getting gift certificates online? You can pay for the documents online and print them off straight away. You can get some truly amazing presents online. For example, if you know a star gazer, you could buy them a star from the Online Star Register. Think about what your loved ones might like, and I’m sure you will find a certificate to suit them.

Have your kids decorate your home

Decorating can be a lot of fun when everyone gets involved. When everybody expects you to turn the living room into a winter wonderland, though, it can be a pain. This year, let someone else decorate your home. This idea is great as it keeps your kids busy and means that your house looks festive. Set up a craft table for your children and get them to make some decorations for your home. When they have made some decorations, tell them to start decorating the home. Give your kids some Christmas cookies and put on some festive tunes so that it is a fun experience for them.

Send ecards, rather than real cards

No one has time to run around town with fifty different Christmas cards to give people. Instead, you can save yourself loads of time by sending people ecards online. There are loads of free ecard sites that you can use to send people cards. The problem with real Christmas cards is that people throw them away on Boxing day. With an ecard, the sentiment is still there without wasting time, money or paper. Sending an ecard, rather than a card is much better for the environment as well.

Re-gift old presents and sets

Whether it is coworkers or friends of friends, there are some people that you need to buy for who you just don’t know that well. Don’t waste your time or money going out and shopping for virtual strangers. Instead, re-gift old presents and gift sets to them. Every year, you get presents that you don’t want. Gifts, such as soap and bath sets, always end up in the cupboard all year long. Now it is time to get them out and give them to someone else. This easy tip will save you money and time over the holidays.

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