A Simple Guide for The Perfect Morning Makeup Routine

Perfect Morning Makeup Routine

Applying makeup in the morning doesn’t have to be that hard! We’re giving you the simple guide that will help you have a quick yet perfect morning makeup routine.

These makeup tips will help you look fresh and gorgeous and they won’t take a lot of your time!
1. Applying The Base

Applying foundation can take a lot of time, especially in the morning. Instead of wasting your time applying moisturizer, foundation and concealer, use a tinted cream or a tinted face moisturizer. It’ll make your skin look fresh and it’ll give your face a nice, healthy glow.

2. Apply Your Blush Strategically

Applying your blush strategically is going to save you some time in the morning. Just apply some blush under your cheekbones and you’re ready to go!

3. Simple Smokey Eyes

A “smokey” eye in the morning might sound like a horrible idea that will take you a lot of time but it’s not that complicated. Get an eye pencil and apply it near your upper and lower lashes. Smudge the line using a small brush and your smokey eyes are ready!

4. Gorgeous Lips

If you’re not planning to wear any makeup, then let your lips be the center of attention. Line them with a lip liner and then apply a bold color lipstick!

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