A Quick Guide to Buying a Suit for Your Man

Kiran Singh

Most men look great in a suit. So, if your man does not have one or the ones that he does own do not fit well, read on. Below, I explain how to find and buy the perfect suit for your partner.

Quick Guide to Buying a Suit

Consider Shopping Online

When it comes to suit shopping, do not be afraid to shop online. Firms like www.jacamo.co.uk sell a fantastic collection of good-quality suits, in a huge range of sizes and styles. Using online retailers gives you a far better choice than you could possibly hope to find in your local area. It is also a great way to see what is available and shop around for the best deal.

Most firms have excellent returns policies, so it does not really matter if the fit is not perfect. All you need to do is to send the item back and re-order. Plus, if you follow all of the tips in this “how to” article the chances are you will get it right first time and not have to worry about returning anything.

Two ways to get your man´s measurements

The best way to get the measurements right is to actually measure your partner. If you cannot do this, think about the clothes that he already owns. Decide which of them fit him best and use them to get the measurements. This is not ideal, but it is certainly better than guessing.


When choosing a suit for your, man think carefully about the style you buy. It needs to be something he will feel comfortable in. There is no point in buying the very latest style if your partner is going to feel self-conscious when wearing it.


Part of doing that is getting the colouring right. If the man you are buying for hates blue he is not going to want a blue suit. No matter how good he may look in it. You also need to think about what colour shirts and shoes he likes to wear.

Little details matter

When looking at the suit think about the little details. They make a huge difference to how the suit hangs and how comfortable it will be. For example, if your husband does not like wearing jeans because they are too tight, look for pleated suit trousers.

Keeping it looking good

The suit you choose needs to be easy to keep clean and looking nice. If your man uses public transport to get to and from work, buying him a light-coloured suit is not likely to be a good idea.
Consider buying some accessories

If you can afford to do so, buy some accessories as well. A new suit always looks better if it is properly accessorised.

More menswear buying tips

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