A Guide To Planning A Funeral During The Pandemic

Kiran Singh

Losing a loved one is more painful than you can imagine. But the thought of a family member dying during the pandemic is traumatic because you may not even have a proper farewell for them. Social gatherings are restricted, and you may not even see the mortal remains if it’s a COVID-death. But you should still say the final goodbye to someone who has been a precious part of your life. Planning a funeral during these times sounds difficult, but it is still possible to have one that is as memorable as it should be. Here is a guide you can follow to plan one that your loved one deserves.

A Guide To Planning A Funeral During The Pandemic

Prioritize COVID-safety guidelines

Even as you may arrange a small service to remember your family member, you should prioritize COVID-safety guidelines issued by the CDC from start to end. Limit the number of attendees by having only close family and friends. Let others join the event virtually because you will still want everyone you know to be there. Ensure arrangements for social distancing and have hand sanitisers for the attendees. Request everyone to wear face masks throughout the funeral. Be firm about avoiding hugs and handshakes. It is best to mention these rules in the invitation so that attendees have a clear understanding and expectations.

Accept that it will not be the same

A funeral in the pandemic era is not going to be the same, and this is a fact you have to accept. If it is a COVID death, there are strict protocols to be followed, so you cannot have the traditional rituals. But you can make it as good as real by following the traditions you hold dear. The truth is hard to accept, but you can seek professional help for the arrangements. There is a funeral home in Los Angeles that helps LA residents with planning and arrangements. Discuss your expectations with these professionals. They will handle the entire aspects to create an event that celebrates the life of your dear one.

Use technology for creating a beautiful video tribute

A COVID funeral may not have the body of the deceased. Rather, you will have the ashes if your loved one was cremated or a picture if they were buried. You can remember them by creating a video tribute. It may require some effort to gather their memories and create one, but think of it as a homage you can pay to them. You can use technology to create a slideshow that combines pictures with music that showcases the best moments of their life. You can even send across digital copies of the tribute to people attending the event virtually. The video will touch the attendees present and serve as a legacy for the generations to come.

Organizing a funeral while you are grieving sounds like a massive challenge, and it becomes even harder when the pandemic is around. But you must think beyond the ordinary because your loved one deserves the best possible final goodbye. Nothing can reduce the pain, but creating a memorable funeral will make you feel better for a lifetime.

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