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What does it mean to be a goddess? It’s no longer confined to being a deity, nor indeed to the mixed understanding of standards of beauty. Being a Goddess is now something for all of us. It’s belly deep laughter, sharing vulnerability and asking for help. It’s choosing adventure, being a great godmother or a miraculous mother if it’s right for you. A Goddess isn’t everything to everyone, she is all she can be of herself, first for herself and when her cup is full, so too can she share from that cup. It’s trust in herself in knowing when to retreat, review, reflect and heal.

At it’s most simple it is taking a bath, listening to gentle music, reading poetry, and enjoying a glass of something you like. I know this sounds simple and in truth it is. It’s practicing saying yes to things we adore and saying no thank you to folks and fantasies, which no longer serve us. Calling our goddess home is being able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say ‘hey you, how are you doing? I like you.’ Can you imagine? It feels almost outrageous. What about eventually being able to say ‘I love you’.  Imagine that? Co-creating a world where all women can look in the mirror and say I love you. That to me is peace on Earth, that’ s feeling and healing our fore mothers wounds. That’s Goddess time.  Rumi says it best in his understanding of how we frequently look outside of ourselves, when in fact what we’re looking for is within all the time.

‘You wander from room to room

Hunting for the diamond necklace

That is already around your neck!’


Along the way we have forgotten our Goddess, time has not been kind to her and she has been ill-treated. We’ve leant out of love. Put others first. Taken on many roles and borrowed from our masculine energy, the worker, the doer, the fixer. We’ve dipped into our adrenaline storage system stealing energy, which isn’t naturally ours and spiked our cortisol and histamine levels as a result. This creates the every shifting body shapes of today; fleshy layers hiding our fear with emotional plasters stuck atop these wounds. We have not allowed our emotional journeys of this lifetime and the legacies of our fore mothers to heal. What if the enquiry was to move from, why do I feel like this, am I going mad, why am I not happy? To an enquiry of, what can I do to be of service to myself?  Help myself heal for my sake, my daughters and their daughters?

Marianne Williamson has recently shared her first Aphrodite Training, also a call for women to return to their Goddess. To remember who we are. To take, no demand, time for the soul sister within. This is an echo of the needs of our sex, the desire we all have to be seen. After all, aren’t we here to be seen? To be felt and understood? To be loved and adored? If we can’t do this for ourselves, how can we ask this of others?

This is a time to encourage our curiosity. Gather with women, heal through laughter, follow our joy and listen to our heart song. We know enough to begin, to understand who we truly are and to let go who we have been taught to be. Can we lean into self-love? Can we trust ourselves? To trust our goddess, the inner knowing who loves us, who wants the best for us and makes us glow with soul and magic. This is a return to the goddess. This is leaning into love. This is a muscle of curiosity worth flexing.

Bio // Gail Schock is a soul coach and transformation maven. Known as the go to girl to help you organize thoughts, rebrand your to do list and connect with your goddess and heart song. Gail will get you to where your heart truly longs to be.

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