8ft Trampolines Remain the Most Popular Garden Trampoline

Kiran Singh

There are very few things that have a tendency of attracting a kid, quite like candy in a candy store and trampolines are one of them. Anything to do with jumping or swinging or bouncing up and down fills a child with the happiest emotions ever, and some adults and famous celebrities do it too, go here to find out who too. Having happy children is every parent’s dream, and with the recent pandemic that has hit the world, a lot of kids are not very happy. 

One way to fix this is to get them outside in the sun and fresh air, as opposed to them staying indoors miserable and lounging in front of their televisions all day playing PlayStation or Xbox. What better way to do this than to invest in something fun, as well as activities which keeps them healthy and their bones and muscles strong?

Enter. A Trampoline.

There are many different types of trampolines one can purchase on the market however the 8feet one remains the most popular one, we look at this and a few other options for you and your family.

8ft Trampolines Remain the Most Popular Garden Trampoline

Two Types of Popular Shapes for Trampolines

Rectangle Trampolines.

These are just as popular as any other, the only difference is it if can fit into your space. You can get varied sizes from the 7x10ft to the 14x16ft which starts as a rectangle for the smaller ones and progresses to more of a square shape. The biggest one can fit 4 fully grown teenagers and the best ones to get are the ones with the netting all around them so the kids don’t fall off and break an arm or bump their head.

Some of them are even bouncier than others depending on the material it is made of. Recently the fabric has taken a turn for the better and manufacturers have enhanced them with all-weather-proofing materials such as woven polypropylene material or canvas. 

The frame is usually made of steel and the ‘bed’ or ‘bounce mat’ comes with or without springs. These coiled springs hold the mat taught and are usually made of elastic while the spring-free ones use glass-reinforced plastic rods, like the competitive ones mentioned here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trampoline#

The spring-less ones are safer but the ones with springs are sturdier and better for adults and grown children. The ones used for recreational purposes, which are the ones we are going for in this article are less robust than say those used in sports arenas amongst gymnasts and acrobatic sports. 

The biggest sizes can hold up to 200kg, so be wary when trying to lift them to mow the lawn because you can’t. the smallest ones can hold one to 2 kids usually around 8 to 10 years of age, but when they turn into teenagers and hit the lucky number 13, it’s time to upgrade to an 8x12ft or 9x14ft. 

Round Trampolines

The more common ones that you see in back yards and children’s birthday parties, these also have similar properties to the ones above but their sizes differ and sometimes their structure as well. The typical sizes you can buy for these, start at the highest sought one, the 8ft trampolines which can fit small spaces and don’t necessarily need a big back yard. 

Sometimes you can go slightly bigger to a 10ft one but if you don’t have space for it it may be a bit of a squash. However, if you do have space, for long-term investment this would be great. The next one up from here is the 12ft and then the 14 or 15 ft options for bigger spaces. 

If you are looking out for a 1-year-old, a mini or toddler-tramp is you go-to, but if you prefer something large for your 16-year-old and his friends, go for anything larger than the 14ft and up to make sure there is enough space and room to manoeuvre so they don’t bump into each other.  

Typically, the ideal contestants for the 8ft trampolines and 10ft ones are 7 years old’s, if you go up one foot, you would go up an age too, so if you’re looking for a unit for your 12-year-old, you would choose to go for the 12ft to 16ft sizes. Measuring the space is vital before you buy anything of this magnitude. And don’t forget to ask them what colour they want too.  

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