7 Tricks to Refresh Your Kitchen Without Spending a Lot of Money

Misbah Akhtar

Refresh you kitchen

Do not give up on changing the appearance of your kitchen just because your budget is tight. Here are 7 ideas to make your kitchen look like new without having to spend a fortune on it.

If there is a change to the house that most people want to address sooner or later, it is the kitchen; to modernise it, for example. Or change the countertops to put more lucid ones; or the flooring, because the original is worn or ugly; or the walls, because the tile is somewhat outdated or, simply, ‘do not say anything’.

Although in reality, what people want in most cases is to give the kitchen a complete renovation. In other words, put the furniture which they have always dreamed of, install flooring which is more aesthetically pleasing, use on-trend tiles or paint, or distribute the space exactly as desired.

In effect, a brand-new kitchen is the plan of most people. But let’s not kid ourselves. It represents an expense that is not always assumable or prudent. That is why people often resist, although they might complain about the status quo.

So, to avoid this here is a series of ideas with which you can renovate your kitchen with a very tight budget.

  • You do not have to spend your salary for the year on furniture. Many home decor hypermarkets have furniture that is sold as a block, the modules go together and not separately. That way, they come out cheaper, so-called ‘kitchen kits’. Alternatively, simply change parts of the furniture. For example, begin with the cabinet doors, and drawer fronts.
  • Do not change the furniture if it’s fine, although outdated. A very simple and tremendously effective solution is to repaint it. Currently there is an excellent choice of paint products ideal for this use. Popular colour choices include white, vanilla, black, green, blue anthracite, stone, red, tangerine, chocolate, and eggplant … the effects can be lacquered or matt.

In the case that your furniture is wooden, it might be enough for you to apply a varnish that will make it shine again and look almost like newly purchased.

  1. The walls are often the most “annoying”. But you don’t have to settle for what you have. You can change the aspect of them with little expenditure and less effort. It is very likely that you have tiles. Well, you can change them radically by painting them. Of course, they must be painted with a special glaze for tiles.

Regarding the colour, keep in mind the main tones on the countertop or furniture in the kitchen, so they coordinate. So, if the main colours are dark, better choose lighter shades for the walls, so that there is contrast, or the other way around.

  • Undoubtedly, the one thing that will most transform your kitchen look is the countertops. Sometimes it is enough to change the colour, to make the room virtually unrecognisable. And you do not have to necessarily outlay much to install a better one that truly transforms your kitchen.
  • Maybe painting the walls does not excite you, simply because your walls are not bad. If they are white, for example, it never goes out of fashion. If you do need a small change, a great idea is to use some fun vinyl or one amazing option is to install white brick tiles on the walls. The effect is dramatic and transformative, and it’s inexpensive.
  • Another equally effective and simple option is to hang posters with food-related motifs or still-lifes or interesting quotes related to cooking, etc. Or maybe place new decorations on the shelves and countertops. For example, a set of designer knives. Or a new cutlery drainer.
  • Regarding the floor, you can change it for waterproof laminate flooring. In addition to improving the appearance of your kitchen you can get very beautiful options that imitate wood, for example. Again, in this case, you should choose a colour of flooring that contrasts with the kitchen furniture.

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