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With the yearly holidays approaching, the need to go on a thrilling tour becomes a major food for thought. Of course, as usual, you have some fancy ideas in mind, but they all seem generic and lacking the thrills and spills you so desire. Therefore, you decide to try somewhere fascinating like Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, no doubt, is a city that can offer you premium fun, capable of knocking you off your feet and making your holiday memorable. But, to share the excitement that comes with touring this city, you need to know the right places to go. And that is where this article comes in. Below we have provided you with an invaluable list of 7 exciting Las Vegas tours to spice up your holiday.

Let’s begin with the first location.

1. Explore the Black Canyon wildlife by Kayak
The black canyon wildlife boast of features and landscape that can provide you with a lasting memory of the beauties of Las Vegas. However, on this particular tour, you wouldn’t be exploring the landscapes or the wildlife trails while on land. Instead, you will be exploring these fascinating features while paddling a kayak. Sounds like fun, right? Definitely!

You see, while on the Kayak enjoying the soothing breeze and hearing the water rushing underneath you, you get to feed your eyes with the native wildlife, including desert bighorn sheep.

Aside from that, there are beautiful floras whose sight is a wonder to behold. Furthermore, you get to experience multiple picturesque landscapes, like the Emerald Cave. Just ensure that you don’t get too excited and fall in the water as it gets cold down there.

2. Say “I do” in the Graceland Chapel in front of Elvis
If you are on the lookout for the perfect spot in Las Vegas to make that union official, then the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas is screaming for your presence. The Graceland Chapel, Las Vegas, is an amazing “I do” spot for potential couples.

Weddings conducted in this Chapel can be official or nonofficial. The aim is to have fun and loads of it. If you have something exciting in mind, say you want to spice up the event, you can have the wedding officiated by Elvis! The only task left for you is finding a partner worth marrying. Don’t forget to capture the moment. You will surely want to relive them someday.

3. Big Bus Las Vegas-Night Tour
Are you a night person? Do you want to have a taste of the Las Vegas nightlife while enjoying a ride in a comfy double-decker bus? If this is something you would love, then brace yourself, as the Las Vegas Big Bus Night tour will leave you amazed.

The exciting tour is designed to last for three hours. During the exhilarating drive, you’ll get the chance to feed your eyes with lots of picturesque views like the free light shows on Fremont Street, the Eiffel Tower restaurant, Hyde Bellagio, etc.

Tour-takers heap lots of praise on this fascinating night tour. Specifically, they praise the guides for their well-detailed and friendly commentary.

Of course, the tour isn’t free. You’ll need to purchase tickets to experience this fun-filled tour. The ticket prices start at $45 for adults and $36 for children 3 to 12. Passengers can board the buses at the LINQ promenade from 7 p.m. every evening.

4. Cowboy trail ride
If you are tired of the typical neon lights that shimmer into your face while strolling on the eye-catching and fun-filled streets of Las Vegas, you can simply don a cowboy hat and boots and saddle up for an exciting sunset trail ride through Red Rock Canyon.

On this two-hour ride, you’ll follow a guide via the beautiful desert landscape while feeding your eyes with impressive sights like the agile coyotes, including wild burros along the way. After returning to the stables, you will be welcomed with a treat of western barbecue under the stars, including nosh on steak, baked beans, corn on the cob, and other yummy delicacies.

Of course, people talk about the fantastic views, the calm mules and horses, and definitely, the delicious dinner. Reviewers also warn that it can get cold on the ride. Considering that, it is advised that you don protective clothing to shield yourself from the cold. Trail rides are available on Tuesdays through Sundays at 6 p.m., and it costs around $190 for each individual.

5. ATV tour
Have you wanted to tour the glamorous Mojave Desert? If yes, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. But mind you, you won’t be exploring this popular terrorism spot the typical way, such as on foot or the unsteady backs of a horse or a tall camel. Instead, you will do so while riding in an ATV.

An ATV tour of the Mojave Desert is indeed one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. While touring this spot in an ATV which can be gotten from any Las Vegas off Road rentals, you get to experience the unique landscape, the desert wildlife, and other fascinating views that come with this space. Furthermore, thanks to the nature of the ATV, you are guaranteed an enjoyable ride filled with rushing winds and probably an exciting race with fellow tourists.

6. Walk at 1200 meters above the void on the Grand Canyon Skywalk
First off, we must ask: are you scared of heights? If yes, we present to you the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone! You can walk on the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk and enjoy some of the most scenic views you will ever see.

While enjoying the amazing views and sucking up the cool breeze, you can also decide to take some pictures in remembrance of this daring act. If you were afraid of heights, this tour would help you shake that fear.

There are loads of amazing places to explore, including fun activities to do in Las Vegas. But, sadly, only a few individuals know where and how to soak up the thrills and spills housed in this fun-filled city. If you are one of such individuals, I hope this article helps you plan a memorable holiday trip to a city where what happens there only happens there.


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