5 Ways That Alcohol Can Impact Your Relationships

Dealing with alcoholism is not easy, neither for the addict nor for his or her family and loved ones. If you think that drinking too much only takes a toll on your body, you are absolutely wrong. It takes a toll on your relationships too, creating rifts and ultimately ending them. People around you experience as much damage as you do because of excessive drinking and inability to quit. There are more than one ways in which alcoholism can impact your relationships and you need to know them to get out of the habit.

You miss the special engagements and occasions

Alcohol abuse can distance you from your loved ones because you tend to miss all the special occasions and engagements that mean a lot to them. How many times have you forgotten your spouse’s birthday or a child’s parent meeting at school?

Cancelled plans, forgotten occasions, ditched responsibilities and more, all become a part of an alcoholic’s life. As these things happen on a regular basis, loved ones are bound to lose patience over time and this can damage relationships for good.

You and your loved ones are prone to stress-related outbursts

It is common for alcoholics to be stressed out, particularly if they are in a vicious circle of drink till you drop. Stress is contagious as the loved ones experience it too, considering the circumstances that they have to face on a daily basis.

Stress-related outbursts become a way of life in such families. Minor issues can result in major quarrels and relationships become weaker over time until they are not able to sustain any more.

Relationships become confusing

A relationship loses its strength if it becomes confused. If you love someone who is not in his or her senses half of the time, you are likely to be confused about making boundaries and enforcing them. Issues start when people stop communicating with the alcoholic and gradually the relationship itself witnesses changes.

The feelings of compassion and empathy change and relationships start taking a negative direction. Coupled with this, the guilt that people feel for not being able to help the other strains the relationship even more.

Everyone becomes an emotional hostage to the situation

Another way in which alcoholism impacts a relationship is that the alcoholic, as well as the loved ones, are turned into emotional hostages to the situation. With every passing day, it becomes hard to go on and even harder to leave. Life with alcoholics is often erratic, with things being great one day and the becoming tragic on the other. Loved ones often feel trapped in the situation because there seems no way out.

Financial instability causes instability in relationships

Money often becomes a huge concern for the alcoholics and their loved ones. Things become tighter when people lose their jobs and there are no regular income sources. Financial instability can lead to instability in relationships, particularly where family and children are involved. Several times, the sober partner takes the financial responsibility of the home.

Quitting is the best thing to do if you value your loved ones more than your addiction. If you really want to save your relationship, get motivated by it and make it your strength when you start your journey to recovery.

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