5 Sofa Buying FAQs

Sofas clearly are the centerpiece of any living room, and the right color, design and type can give your living space the look and feel that represents your personal style. Furthermore, replacing your existing old sofa is a great way to rejuvenate your living space in a single masterstroke.

While looking for a new sofa has its own excitement and thrill, it helps not to make a hurried purchase. Whether you’re looking to buy a conventional plush seating-only sofa or a modern-day sleeping sofa bed, you will want answers to the following questions frequently asked by sofa buyers.

What are the must-have features I want in my new sofa?

Ask yourself if you’d be happier with fabric, microfiber, leather or synthetic leather upholstery. Also consider if a sleeping sofa bed will be a better option for your lifestyle. Then consider other features such as the size that would fit the space, the arm design, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and of course your budget.

Scour online furniture and home magazines to get an idea of the latest designs and technological advances in sofa manufacturing.

What colour would go best with my living space?

The colour of your sofa will set the tone of your living space for years to come, so you need to give some thought to choosing the right colour. You may love that neon-colored sofa now, but consider if you’ll love it as much a year down the line.

Décor experts recommend buying larger furniture items in muted colors and adding splashes of color with brightly-colored accessories. This gives you the flexibility to change the décor of your living space as and when you please.

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Should I buy a pre-used sofa or a new one?

You’re going to spend a considerable part of your time at home on your living room couch, so buying a new sofa makes sense if you don’t want to deal with repair or restoration of a pre-loved product. Home furnishing experts recommend exploring the latest in new sofas before you decide to buy an old refurbished one. With so many options available both online and offline, you’re sure to find a sofa within your budget. Check out the sleeper sofa buying guide at this site that lists the best modern sofa beds of the year.

How can I save on buying a sofa?

Buying a sofa is a big expense, so there is no harm in waiting for special festive or holiday offers. Waiting a little can easily save you a few hundred dollars in clearance sales usually held at the onset of spring and fall. So be patient and wait for the next upcoming holiday or end-of-season sale to buy your new couch.

Does the manufacturer offer warranty?

Both online and physical sofa and home furniture stores offer warranty, but the replacement and service terms may differ. Before you pay up, check whether the sofa is covered by warranty and read the fine print to know the replacement and repair T&C.

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