5 Healthy Ways to Treat Your Dog

Misbah Akhtar

dog is a much-loved member of the family. They are often the first face you will see each morning and will provide a warm welcome home. However, many pet owners express their love for the pet pooch in the wrong way, providing them with treats that will play havoc with their dog’s health and could shorten their lifespan.

If you want to show your pet how much you care safely, read the top 5 healthy ways to treat your dog.

Take Your Dog for the Walk

Dogs love nothing more than exploring new locations, experiencing new smells and meeting new people. Show your dog how much you love him or her by taking your pet for a walk. They’ll love the new sights, scents and sounds, and they’ll return home happier and calmer, after enjoying some essential exercise.

Healthy Treats

Everyone deserves a nice treat every now and then, even your dog. Yet, treats don’t have to be unhealthy. Don’t settle for unhealthy dog foods and instead consider healthier alternatives, such as duck jerky dog treats. Select a low in fat, high protein product that is made from 100% natural ingredients, with no harmful artificial preservatives or flavourings.

A Comfortable Dog Bed

Spoil your pet with a soft and comfy dog bed. When they’re not taking up space in your bed, allow them to relax and sleep in their own bed, which will allow them to recover from a long walk in the great outdoors. It’s a little spot in the home they can call their own.

Teeth-cleaning Treats

It’s not only us humans that can experience a toothache, our pets can too. Ensure your canine companion is pain-free by picking up some teeth-cleaning foods or treats, rinses and water additives. They will have pearly white teeth that will improve their dental hygiene, and they will not experience a toothache or tooth loss.

Dog Toys

To ensure your dog is never bored at home, why not invest in some fun and safe dog toys, which will allow him or her to enjoy hours of fun? From balls to chew toys, there is bound to be a toy your pet will love. Try different options until you find a toy that suits his or her personality.

Play with Your Dog

Dogs love games, so you should make time to play with your pet. Identify if he is a tugger, chaser, hunter or retriever, so you can play the perfect game to boost their happiness. For instance, your dog might love nothing more than catching a frisbee in his or her mouth or might love to search for treats in the backyard.

Show Your Pet Attention

The one thing your dog will crave is plenty of love and attention. Therefore, the best way to spoil your pet is by simply being present. Try to set time aside each day to give your canine companion your undivided attention. Give him or her a cuddle, a belly rub, talk to your pet and even sit side-by-side together as you watch TV.

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