5 Guitar Accessories That You Must Have

Playing a guitar can be a fascinating experience, especially for the people that have passion for music and instrumentation. Having the right set of accessories along with your guitar helps to make the experience even better and accounts for a refined experience.

A wide range of accessories are available across the market, but some of them are essential and must have if you are into playing guitar. These accessories will help to make guitar playing easier for you and at the same time make it even more enjoyable. Here is a compilation of the 5 most important accessories for any guitar player out there.

• Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are crucial and you need to have atleast 3 sets of them in your inventory. A conventional set of guitar string from a reputable brand should cost you around 15$. For the same price you can also get a hold of other string sets which might be a bit compromised in terms of quality. The choices are absolutely person but it is best suggested to for acoustic string sets of the highest quality. You can also look for Buzz Harmony.

• Guitar tuners

Electronic tuners and clip on tuners are the two most fundamental types of tuners out there in the market. What you aim to go for is absolutely your personal decision but again both of these are equally good. Guitar tuners, especially the electronic ones have a lot of added features and are bit more precise. Clip on tuners on the other hand are easier to use and pretty conventional yet effective.

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• String cutter and string winder

Replacing the strings of a guitar, both electric and acoustic can be a major hassle if the right tools are not at your disposal. A string cutter and a string winder make the ordeal easier to deal with. It is an efficient way by virtue of which you will be easily able to change the guitar strings with minimum hassle and greater accuracy. It also helps to save a lot of time and additional effort while changing strings.

• Guitar stand and case

Now if you play the guitar on a regular basis then you would want to store it in some place where you can easily access it on a daily basis. The guitar stand can come quite handy for this purpose and save you loads of time and effort.

However, if you are planning on taking the guitar to different places like concerts, family outings or while travelling, then a hard case is an absolute must. The hard case will help to protect the guitar and also keep it in good shape. It will also help you loo classier.

• Guitar picks

Guitar picks come in several varieties and are meant to be used in different conditions. The picks might be thin or thick and may be made out of different materials like plastic or wood. Essentially they are used for strumming and account for various variations while orchestrating music. It is always a good option to have a number of them at your disposal since you may need them for concerts.

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These 5 must have accessories for guitar players are pretty basic and easily available across the market. Ensure to have these accessories in your arsenal and enjoy playing guitar like never before.

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