Acting Fresh – 5 Food Packaging Tricks & Trends That Go Beyond 2021

Misbah Akhtar

The word, “packaging” had taken a completely different meaning in the year 2020. It implied not just protecting food from physical damage but infestation from the most harmful bacteria and viruses as well. Yes, the word virus rings a very familiar and disturbing bell. Commercial packaging has taken a turn for the better since then. However, the means to this end was rather taxing on everyone.

The result is that the consumer has become more aware of the various options that he/she has in terms of packaging. The goal of packaging has evolved a lot and moved beyond in-store experiences.

By now, which is the middle of 2021, packaging has grown into a method of protecting food items and preventing them from any kinds of germs and diseases. It has become a means to protect the environment as well. It has become a way to stay fit and healthy.

The following section explains just how this transition has taken place over the last 2 years. It will talk about not just a few materials that manufacturers have shifted to but also some very unique and interesting trends that have changed the packaging industry forever.

1. The Much-Underrated Glass Containers
People have finally understood the level of hygiene glass containers bring to the table. It is one of the most eco-friendly materials that present a durable and reusable storage solution. Glass is reusable and recyclable. This makes this material a total winner when it comes to packaging food items and several other perishables. Combine this with plastic lids that can be snapped shut and you have yourself a safe and secure container that ensures zero spillage and minimal leakage.

2. Bamboo And Rice Husk Anyone?
Who had ever thought that materials like bamboo and rice husk would be used as product packaging? Bamboo is biodegradable and quite durable as well. In addition to that, it offers reliable heat resistance and is a versatile eco-friendly food packaging material.

Rice husk is a very useful byproduct of rice farming. It is 100% renewable and biodegradable and an ideal choice for constructing sealable lunch boxes. With the enormous amount of pollution plaguing the environment, these solutions come as a breath of fresh air, literally.

3. Bringing In Elements Of Architecture
Now moving onto a few unique trends that can change the packaging industry for the better

The packaging design of any product falls within 3 simple principles which are:

· Form
· Function
· Beauty

· Focusing On Form
Any packaging solution needs to have a compact and user-friendly form factor. The size and shape of the product are going to determine the form of the packaging solution significantly. For example, you would never choose a cube/cardboard box for pomegranate juice. The ideal container will be a glass bottle or reusable plastic tumbler.

· Understanding The Function
The function of the packaging solution is to make the product easily accessible and usable for the end-user. The food wraps and covers, boxes, bottles, and tetra packs in the market should allow easy outlet and use of the product without any mess or spillage. And yes, the function of the package now comprises easy disposability as well.

· Appreciating The Beauty
What is the most interesting and fun part that a typical packaging solution has to play? The aesthetics, the color, the proportions, the labeling, and the overall attractiveness of the packaging act as a messenger to the customer. It conveys to them clearly and concisely about the contents of the package among several other things.

The nutritional contents, other product offerings, different flavors of the same product, FDA compliance, and many other crucial details are a part of the overall look and feel of the package. Beauty and aesthetics are what attract your consumers to your product in the first place.

4. Introducing Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging is a very lucrative segment that is growing at a fast speed. This is one of those trends that is going to continue beyond 2021. Hygiene and safety concerns are currently driving the demand for food items that are packed with utmost care and precision. Flexible packaging is exactly what the name suggests. It is a form of a package without any rigid structure. It can conform to the contours and curves of a particular product without causing it any harm or damage whatsoever.

A few examples are airtight zipper pouches, sanitized flexible packaging, neckbands, tamper-proof safety seals, and a lot more. These are not only suitable for beverage items but also all kinds of consumer products such as pharmaceuticals, software packages, medical goods, fast-moving consumer goods, and a lot more. The consumer is moving towards more flexible, hygienic, and reusable packaging solutions that can be stacked inside their kitchen easily.

5. Maintaining Package Integrity
How do you intend to build trust among your customers? You can do that by investing in a packaging solution that conveys to them the seriousness you feel towards their health and well-being. A large part of this trust is going to stem from the fact that you have their best interest in your mind. You do not have to invest in drastic measures to change the look and feel of the packaging or your product. Invest in package prototyping and take care of the little things that matter to your consumers. Make your packages:

· Super convenient and easy to handle
· Simple to open, close, and use
· Very easy to dispose
· Safe and dependable
· Resistant to extreme temperatures
· Bacteria and virus-proof
· Tamper-resistant
· Informative and aesthetic
· Recyclable and reusable

The Power Of Your Promise

Finally, the package that you choose for your product should be able to promise something that enriches the life of your consumer. For example, a shampoo promises beautiful and shiny hair. A skincare product promises a flawless complexion and freedom from fine lines. Employ more resources to design a packaging solution that speaks to your consumers. Get inspired by natural elements. Look for impressive words to communicate with your consumers through your labeling and marketing tactics. In the end, you will have the peace of mind that you gave your trusting customers something of value that they were looking for.

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