4 Simple Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Home


Have you ever looked at your home after arriving from a long, tiring day in the office and suddenly you realized that the atmosphere of your place no longer excites you? Well, we’ve all been there and honestly, it would not really hurt to freshen up your place with some new sets of adornment especially when it no longer provides the comfort and happiness it offers like when you first designed it. Besides, isn’t a home supposed to give you a sense of euphoria to the point that you don’t want to leave it if you would just be given a choice?

For sure, after giving it a long debate in your mind whether you’re ready redesigning your place or not, a lot of considerations will certainly come into your mind and the number one probably in your list is the budget that you will spend in doing the redecoration. That’s actually understandable, but that should not stop you from getting the new dream house in your mind as there are a lot of ways to breathe a new life without leaving your bank account empty. In fact, you don’t really have to spend many dimes in doing so as there are several ways to brighten up your space.

Breathe New Life Into Your Home

  1. Shop online!

Putting effort into the furniture hunting will definitely help you save so much money. When you go shopping for your home furniture, it is always wise to keep an open mind and honestly ask yourself what you need for your place. Be creative and expand your imagination. If you have not made up your mind, browsing online can be very helpful in giving you ideas what designs that could lighten up the mood of your home. A lot of good furniture stores have their own eCommerce websites where you could see the products they offer as well as their prices. See, you don’t actually have to be in the actual store nowadays to decide what to buy as you can now shop even you’re eating cereal for breakfast. Online shopping also could really help you have an estimated price of the ideal furniture you have in mind and this would let you make any adjustments if the price of your ideal furniture goes beyond your budget.


  1. Buy Inexpensive Furniture

As we have discussed earlier, redesigning your place does not necessitate splurging on home features. You don’t really have to spend too much money on top of the line products just to make your place looks homey UNLESS that’s exactly what you wanted to. You can always opt to buy inexpensive furniture of even those discounted one provided that they are in better quality and texture and really goes well with your place. Remember to always have patience when it comes to shopping and knows that it could really take some time to get what you really need for your place especially for the money you want to pay.


  1. Brighten Up, Literally and Figuratively!

If you’re working on the redecoration of your place and you are on a tight budget and a unique lighting system for your place is not on the top of your list, lighting retrofit might be the one for you. The lighting retrofit is the mere replacement of components in the lighting system with counterparts to make it use energy more efficiently. For example, your existing light fixtures may be replaced with LED bulbs and other self-contained drivers for a better illumination in your place while reducing your utility costs.

If, on the other hand, you’re considering buying new sets of lamps for your place to set a different mood in your home, cheap but elegant lamps are all over the market so there’s no need to spend a fortune on getting the lighting system you wanted. For a better home experience, try to match it up with home decors that are lighter in colour and texture that also goes well with reflective surfaces. Buying light accent throw pillows, light fabrics for decor options with elements like metallic items or mirror is a sure way to brighten up your home.


  1. Invigorate Your Home with Refreshing Scents

Do not underestimate the power of your sense of smell as it is known best to influence your mood as well as your brain activity. Sophisticated perfume oils and a variety of home fragrance are now all over the stores as they become an essential element in home decor. Just like the importance of a proper lighting system, the right use of scents in the proper area, as well as your home’s ambience, could give you the best result for your place. For instance, the scent needed in your entrance has to be subtle or not too strong; it has to be calming and inviting as this is where you will be welcomed every day. So it is best to use woody based scents to create that inviting space. As for the living room, try to use sweet fragrance such as vanilla based scents to have a comfortable ambience. In spaces such as the kitchen and dining room, it is best to spritz citrus fragrance to make sure that no food smells linger in the area. Lastly, use a UV Air Sanitizer in the bathroom to eliminate bad odour and kill odour-causing bacteria.


In redesigning your home, it is important to let your imagination run wild in order to maximize the budget you have in your bank. Before buying anything for home decors, make sure that you have checked your home for anything that could be reused, recycled or refurbished or that you have already checked your basement or storage room to see if there’s anything in there that you forgot you could use for your home decor. Fortunately, home redecoration nowadays does not have to cost you a fortune as there are a variety of places to shop that offers cheap but sophisticated types of furniture!