What do your values say about you? 3 ways to create authentic values.

Misbah Akhtar

I’ve been thinking a lot about the woman I hope to become. Despite being 40 I have to admit that I still haven’t got that bit perfected yet. Life has a funny way of making you question yourself. The ideas you have in your head don’t always translate into reality. Don’t get disheartened. That doesn’t mean you can’t become the woman you have dreamed of. What it does mean is that perhaps you haven’t thought about who you are enough in terms of values.


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Personal values can mean so many things to different people, but at their core they define your foundation. Who you are, how you live your life and what you represent. It sets the tone for your purpose in life and what your path is. It will influence and perhaps affect your relationships with people including your children. Values help to construct a framework and by doing so greatly simply your life. This then allows you to lead your best life.

Values are important because they describe how you want to be and what is important to you e.g. integrity.


How to create authentic values in 3 simple steps

  • Make/ choose a list of words that describe you authentically e.g. loving, honest, great listener
  • Condense the words and phrases into groups e.g. connection
  • Decide on the word that rules them all e.g. empathy



Ta-da! How easy was that!


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Your values dont need to become stagnant. As you grow and change so will your values and that’s perfectly OK, you just need to have some. Once you do know your values, you’ll instantly feel lighter and more confident because you have regained that sense of purpose. Your vision for your life will become clearer and this will aid you in your mission and purpose in life.

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