Working from home? My top tips and must-have Guide


Being a ‘Mumpreneur’ (Mum + Entrepreneur = Mumpreneur), can be fun and rewarding (of course!) and sometimes daunting with everything that is available out there these days. Too many choices can cause not overwhelm but also stress and confusion, the only way to survive and prosper is to have a few rules about Self HQ – here are a few to pin on the noticeboard…

Choose a job you love


It won’t make you obviously richer, but standing up, going out for walks, popping into the garden and, once or twice a week, doing something a bit more vigorous will keep your mind more alert, your body less desk-shaped and will also ensure your relationship with the home office doesn’t feel constricting and claustrophobic.

Meet others

Find a group, join a club, take up tennis, use social media to find locals who do similar jobs, and try to meet your clients face to face.

Breaks and time management

It is helpful to have some kind of regime, as you don’t want work to bleed into your down time. Every morning, plan a couple of off-periods: half an hour for coffee and the newspaper, fifteen minutes radio, ten minutes to go to the library.

Get Goals

Plan holidays

If you can, take these when it’s cheapest, wettest here, less popular. This is one of the great fringe benefits of working at home, so don’t overlook holidays – whether you want a week on the Cornish coast or a weekend in New York. Now’s the time for sales; wise workers book early.


Work can feel like fun at times, but it’s rarely the real thing. Make sure your schedule allows for self-improvement, whether that’s painting, reading, creative writing, or breeding budgies.

Housework is a no-no

Manage food, drinks and snacks

If you can’t resist standing up to go to the kitchen, hide the biscuits and chocolate and ensure there are healthier fruits, nuts or veggies. But try to have a proper lunch and coffee breaks so you keep up a work-reward-relax cycle.

Also, get some teas in that don’t have caffeine so you can get liquids and not overdose on coffee.

Weekends are sacrosanct

It’s quite easy for life to become one long Monday morning as a home-worker. But try to protect your weekends. If you want to be “different”, make them happen on a Sunday and Monday, but keep some extended time that is completely work-free.

My home-office must-haves 

Lenovo All-in-one Desktop

Lenovo all-in-one Desktop

Canon Pixma Wireless Printer

Canon Pixma Wireless Printer

Varidesk PRO

Varidesk PRO Plus perfect for when you want switch to stand work ‘mode’ instead of sitting all day.

Rewined Scented Candle

Scented Candle by Rewined

Kate Spade New York Desk accessories by Amara Living

  1. “Make It Stick” Tape Dispenser
  2. “A Stroke of Genius” Pencil Holder
  3. “Keep It Together” Stapler

Mulberry Wall Rose Gold Small

Mulberry Wall Clock in Rose Gold by Thomas Kent Clocks to keep me on track with time – both work and leisure!

BYRON Home Easy Remote Control 3 Pack Socket Kit


Cinema Light Box from – Perfect for displaying my favourite quote; ‘Trust Your Journey!’


Touch Mini Boombox Speaker from – To play my favorite tunes!


USB Memo Pad  from – Ideal to take quick notes, saves me time plus it has got multiple USB ports

Working from home

Fishhooks from Penclic to raise your laptop for a better working position, place your laptop on the fishhooks, there are 2 different height settings depending on which way you place your fishhooks.

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